Is there a problem?? The art/science of astrology can be viewed in many ways -- here are my favorites.

It's a bit like forecasting the weather, letting you know what kind of energy you'll meet when you get out of bed in the morning. It's like some kind of cosmic ecology, where the ecosystem is extended to include the entire solar system and some of the animals are the size of planets. It's a language of energy, cycles, and growth. Mainly, though, I think of Astrology as the relationship between the Geometry of the Heavens and Life here on Earth.

Here's my take on what's happening in our ecosystem lately.

Current Influences:

  • Current Transits -- Covers the major astrological influences affecting us all this month. (Updated: 2015-7-5.)
  • Energy Patterns -- Planetary energies rise and fall like the waves on the ocean. Let the A5 Spectrum show you the view. (Updated: 2015-7-5.)
  • Online Ephemeris for 1999-2016 -- Day by day listings of the planets' zodiacal positions for when you need to know where they're hiding.

Long Term Influences:

Some astrological influences ( especially the very powerful ones!) can last for months or years -- here's some of the Biggies!

Current Events:

Articles on Astrology:

Help Pages:

  • Astrology Help Pages -- Short descriptions of Planets, Signs, etc. for the astrologically challenged, a kind of "Astrology 101". Lots of detailed technical info as well, if you want to go deeper.
  • Glossary of Astrological Terms -- Definitions and descriptions of the funny words and phrases that astrologers use.
  • A5 Spectrum -- A brief Primer on my planetary waveform technique and how to interpret these graphs.
  • Glyph Glossary -- A handy reference for the shorthand symbols astrologers use for planets, signs, etc.


  • Koz Kalculator 1.1 -- If you want to play with the A5 Spectrum yourself and your browser can handle Java applets, here's a simple program to draw the waveforms for your birthchart, the current planetary positions, or any chart you want. Upgraded to include a "Now" button that provides sinfully easy, one click access to the current waveform. (Upgraded: 2002-1-4)
  • Transit Kalculator 1.0 -- Here's another Java applet that lets you see how all the planets in the sky are aspecting the planets in your own birthchart right now (you'll be surprised how much activity there is!). Note: this is a preliminary version and may not work properly on all browsers, but give it a try. (New: 2002-1-26)

Astrological Services:

  • Personal Readings -- The best astrology is still done face to face. Contact me about private readings.
  • The Daily Koz -- Our monthly astrology newsletter and the father of these pages. Subscriptions are available if you can't wait for me to update the web pages each month.
  • Natal A5 Spectrum -- You can get a copy of the planetary waveform for your own birthchart. An invaluable aid for understanding your own chart!

Misc. Links: