Koz Kalculator for the A5 Spectrum

The best way to learn about the A5 Spectrum technique for graphing planetary waveforms is to play with it yourself. The Java Applet that follows this paragraph is a "Koz Kalculator" -- a highly stripped down, bare bones version (even the hub caps are missing) of the graphing programs I use to create this web site. Use the Koz Kalculator to graph the waveforms for your own birthchart, historical events, or just the day-to-day positions of the planets. Have fun with it! (Try clicking the "Now" button...)

Koz Kalculator :

Sorry, for some reason your browser can't run this applet.

Zodiac Sign Abbreviations

Ar = Aries
Ta = Taurus
Gm = Gemini
Cn = Cancer
Le = Leo
Vi = Virgo
Li = Libra
Sc = Scorpio
Sa = Sagittarius
Cp = Capricorn
Aq = Aquarius
Pi = Pisces

User Instructions for the Koz Kalculator

The orange part of the applet is the "Control Panel" where you type in chart information and press buttons to control the applet. The white area is the "Waveform Panel" where your graph is displayed. To graph a waveform for your birthchart (or any chart, for that matter), do the following steps:

  1. Clicking the "Erase" button will erase all the input boxes so you can start typing.
  2. Enter the zodiacal positions for each of the planets in the input boxes to the right of the planetary names. The degree-sign-minute notation for zodiac positions, including the 2 letter abbreviations for the zodiac signs, is explained on the Notation, Abbreviations and Stuff page. You can use upper or lower case in the sign abbreviations; "leading zeros" in the degrees or minutes can be omitted. Do not use any spaces.
  3. Type a name to display under the graph in the "Name" box.
  4. Click the "Graph" button to display the waveform. Depending upon the speed of your computer, etc., it may take 5-10 seconds for this step. Be patient! If "nothing happens", the most likely problem is a mistyped planet position. Look for the blinking cursor in one of the input boxes, retype the entry and click on "Graph" again.

The "Now" button is a short-cut for looking at the current waveform. It eliminates all of the above steps by automatically reading your computer's system clock, calculating the current planetary positions (which it displays in the Control Panel, along with the current GMT date and time for a Name) and drawing the waveform.

The "Revert" button will load the original, default planet positions (from when this web page was first loaded) into the Control Panel, again.

(Hint: if the Control Panel "looks funny" due to some browser weirdness, try clicking on the browser's "Reload" button -- that usually clears things up.)

Helpful Pages to Use with the Koz Kalculator

The following links will bring up related pages in a separate window that may prove useful while playing with the Koz Kalculator. (Just close the new window when you're done.)

System Requirements

This applet should run on any "4th generation browser" such as Netscape Navigator 4.0 or Internet Explorer 4.0, or later versions. Please let me know if you experience problems.

Privacy and Security Disclaimer

Any information you type into this program will not leave your computer -- I am not covertly collecting any information for any purposes whatsoever. The program does not read, write, look at or otherwise tamper with any files on your hard-drive, including saving any of the information you type in. The program does not transfer any information out over the Internet. Your privacy is safe with me.

Of course, that also means when you hit the "Erase" button, all your information simply vanishes into the ethers. C'est le Nerde...

Known Limitations

Due to limitations of Java 1.0 (the language this program is written in), you probably can't use the "Tab" key to move from one input box to the next like you can in most programs. You will have to click in each box with your mouse instead. You may not be able to copy positions from the ephemeris to the clipboard and paste them into an input box (it's considered a security violation in the applet world). Also, printing the web page in your browser will probably leave a blank space where the applet lives.

(It appears Windows systems are more forgiving of these restrictions than other systems.)

Feedback -- I'd Like to Hear from You!

If you've got any questions, feedback or comments, please email me at bunlion@bitstream.net. I may not act on all your suggestions, but I do want to hear from people.

If you are reporting a problem with the Koz Kalculator, please include 1) What kind of computer you have, 2) The operating system (e.g., Windows 98, MacOS 8.1, etc.), 3) the kind and version number of your web browser (e.g., Navigator 4.7), and 4) a detailed description of the problem. This will help me track down the problems more easily. Please note that older browsers may not be able to display the applet at all, so you may need to upgrade to a newer version.

On the other hand, newer browsers may change some of the standards I relied on with this applet, sabotaging some of its features. In cases like this, I may not be able to do anything about the bugs.

A program as simplified as the Koz Kalculator obviously has its limitations. My more "industrial strength" versions of these programs are not currently available to the public, but if there is sufficient interest, I may release them in the future. Please note that I will need to charge money for these programs to cover expenses and development costs (which are considerable), so don't expect free software. If you'd like information on these programs when it becomes available, please let me know.