Every five and a half months, when the Sun is near one of the moon's nodes, eclipses can occur. New moons become dramatic solar eclipses, when the Moon comes between the Earth and the Sun and blots out the Sun's light. Full moons become lunar eclipses, where the Moon is obscured by the Earth's shadow. These "failures of the Light" have instilled awe over the centuries and have long been known as times of critical transformation.

Eclipses are about change, sometimes radical change. For people that have grown happy with the status quo, changes can be quite unwelcome, even uncomfortable. This is perhaps the reason eclipses have gotten such a bad reputation over the years, since they tend to disrupt situations in our lives that we'd rather keep intact. In my experience, if you concentrate on these shifts as a normal part of your growth process, leaving behind outmoded behaviors, the results are usually positive.

Also, eclipses are stronger and more long lasting in their effects than normal new or full moons. They seem to influence the following 6 to 12 months quite heavily and the eclipse degree itself remains an active "hot spot" in the zodiac for a long time. Become aware of the themes and events entering your life at these times (often described by the house position in your birthchart of the eclipse degree), since you will likely be working on these themes for quite some time. Treat these influences with respect and full awareness if you're going to make the most of them. Eclipses really aren't such bogeymen...

All of these eclipses (and more, going back to 1990), have been captured and made into HCW remedies for people who seriously want to work with these powerful energies. These remedies are available both as individual eclipses or as combinations of all the eclipses for a calendar year. The Eclipse HCW page contains more information on these unique remedies.

Eclipses for the Years of:

Background Information:

See the Current Transits for interpretations of individual eclipses. For an excellent source of current eclipse information from NASA, visit Fred Espenak's Eclipse Home Page.

Information Listed on each Eclipse

The eclipse information listed below contains the following data for each eclipse:

1995 to 1999:

YearEclipse TypeZodiac PositionDate Saros Number
1995 Partial Lunar Eclipse25Li041995-4-15L112
Annular Solar Eclipse8Ta561995-4-29S138
Appulse Lunar Eclipse14Ar541995-10-8L117
Total Solar Eclipse0Sc181995-10-23S143
1996 Total Lunar Eclipse14Li311996-4-3L122
Partial Solar Eclipse28Ar121996-4-17S148
Total Lunar Eclipse4Ar171996-9-26L127
Partial Solar Eclipse19Li321996-10-12S153
1997 Total Solar Eclipse18Pi311997-3-8S120
Partial Lunar Eclipse3Li351997-3-23L132
Partial Solar Eclipse9Vi341997-9-1S125
Total Lunar Eclipse23Pi561997-9-16L137
1998 Total Solar Eclipse7Pi551998-2-26S130
Appulse Lunar Eclipse22Vi241998-3-13L142
Appulse Lunar Eclipse15Aq211998-8-7L109
Annular Solar Eclipse28Le481998-8-21S135
Appulse Lunar Eclipse13Pi401998-9-6L147
1999 Appulse Lunar Eclipse11Le201999-1-31L114
Annular Solar Eclipse27Aq081999-2-16S140
Partial Lunar Eclipse4Aq581999-7-28L119
Total Solar Eclipse18Le211999-8-11S145

2000 to 2004:

YearEclipse TypeZodiac PositionDate Saros Number
2000 Total Lunar Eclipse0Le262000-1-21L124
Partial Solar Eclipse16Aq022000-2-5S150
Partial Solar Eclipse10Cn142000-7-1S117
Partial Lunar Eclipse24Cp192000-7-16L129
Partial Solar Eclipse8Le122000-7-30S155
Partial Solar Eclipse4Cp142000-12-25S122
2001 Total Lunar Eclipse19Cn392001-1-9L134
Total Solar Eclipse0Cn102001-6-21S127
Partial Lunar Eclipse13Cp392001-7-5L139
Annular Solar Eclipse22Sa562001-12-14S132
Appulse Lunar Eclipse8Cn482001-12-30L144
2002 Appulse Lunar Eclipse5Sa042002-5-26L111
Annular Solar Eclipse19Gm542002-6-10S137
Appulse Lunar Eclipse3Cp112002-6-24L149
Appulse Lunar Eclipse27Ta332002-11-19L116
Total Solar Eclipse11Sa582002-12-4S142
2003 Total Lunar Eclipse24Sc532003-5-15L121
Annular Solar Eclipse9Gm202003-5-30S147
Total Lunar Eclipse16Ta132003-11-8L126
Total Solar Eclipse1Sa142003-11-23S152
2004 Partial Solar Eclipse29Ar492004-4-19S119
Total Lunar Eclipse14Sc422004-5-4L131
Partial Solar Eclipse21Li062004-10-13S124
Total Lunar Eclipse5Ta022004-10-27L136

2005 to 2009:

YearEclipse TypeZodiac PositionDate Saros Number
2005 Ann./Tot. Solar Eclipse19Ar062005-4-8S129
Appulse Lunar Eclipse4Sc202005-4-24L141
Annular Solar Eclipse10Li192005-10-3S134
Partial Lunar Eclipse24Ar132005-10-17L146
2006 Appulse Lunar Eclipse24Vi152006-3-14L113
Total Solar Eclipse8Ar352006-3-29S139
Partial Lunar Eclipse15Pi002006-9-7L118
Annular Solar Eclipse29Vi202006-9-22S144
2007 Total Lunar Eclipse13Vi002007-3-3L123
Partial Solar Eclipse28Pi072007-3-18S149
Total Lunar Eclipse4Pi462007-8-28L128
Partial Solar Eclipse18Vi252007-9-11S154
2008 Annular Solar Eclipse17Aq442008-2-6S121
Total Lunar Eclipse1Vi532008-2-20L133
Total Solar Eclipse9Le322008-8-1S126
Partial Lunar Eclipse24Aq212008-8-16L138
2009 Annular Solar Eclipse6Aq302009-1-26S131
Appulse Lunar Eclipse21Le002009-2-9L143
Appulse Lunar Eclipse15Cp242009-7-7L110
Total Solar Eclipse29Cn272009-7-21S136
Appulse Lunar Eclipse13Aq432009-8-5L148
Partial Lunar Eclipse10Cn152009-12-31L115

2010 to 2014:

YearEclipse TypeZodiac PositionDate Saros Number
2010 Annular Solar Eclipse25Cp012010-1-15S141
Partial Lunar Eclipse4Cp462010-6-26L120
Total Solar Eclipse19Cn232010-7-11S146
Total Lunar Eclipse29Gm202010-12-21L125
2011 Partial Solar Eclipse13Cp382011-1-4S151
Partial Solar Eclipse11Gm012011-6-1S118
Total Lunar Eclipse24Sa232011-6-15L130
Partial Solar Eclipse9Cn122011-7-1 S156 -- New Saros!
Partial Solar Eclipse2Sa362011-11-25S123
Total Lunar Eclipse18Gm102011-12-10L135
2012 Annular Solar Eclipse0Gm202012-5-20S128
Partial Lunar Eclipse14Sa132012-6-4L140
Total Solar Eclipse21Sc562012-11-13S133
Appulse Lunar Eclipse6Gm462012-11-28L145
2013 Partial Lunar Eclipse5Sc452013-4-25L112
Annular Solar Eclipse19Ta312013-5-9S138
Appulse Lunar Eclipse4Sa082013-5-24 L150 -- New Saros!
Appulse Lunar Eclipse25Ar452013-10-18L117
Ann./Tot. Solar Eclipse11Sc152013-11-3S143
2014 Total Lunar Eclipse25Li152014-4-15L122
Annular Solar Eclipse8Ta512014-4-29S148
Total Lunar Eclipse15Ar052014-10-8L127
Partial Solar Eclipse0Sc242014-10-23S153

2015 to 2019:

YearEclipse TypeZodiac PositionDate Saros Number
2015 Total Solar Eclipse29Pi272015-3-20S120
Total Lunar Eclipse14Li242015-4-4L132
Partial Solar Eclipse20Vi102015-9-13S125
Total Lunar Eclipse4Ar402015-9-27L137
2016 Total Solar Eclipse18PI552016-3-8S130
Appulse Lunar Eclipse3Li172016-3-23L142
Appulse Lunar Eclipse25Aq512016-8-18 L109 -- End of Saros!
Annular Solar Eclipse9Vi212016-9-1S135
Appulse Lunar Eclipse24Pi192016-9-16L147
2017 Appulse Lunar Eclipse22Le282017-2-10L114
Annular Solar Eclipse8Pi122017-2-26S140
Partial Lunar Eclipse15Aq252017-8-7L119
Total Solar Eclipse28Le522017-8-21S145
2018 Total Lunar Eclipse11Le372018-1-31L124
Partial Solar Eclipse27Aq072018-2-15S150
Partial Solar Eclipse20Cn412018-7-12S117
Total Lunar Eclipse4Aq442018-7-27L129
Partial Solar Eclipse18Le412018-8-11S155
2019 Partial Solar Eclipse15Cp252019-1-5S122
Total Lunar Eclipse0Le512019-1-20L134
Total Solar Eclipse10Cn372019-7-2S127
Partial Lunar Eclipse24Cp042019-7-16L139
Annular Solar Eclipse4Cp082019-12-25S132

Bibliography of Eclipse Information

Information from a number of source texts was used to create these eclipse pages. The following books were particularly helpful:

The program "Star*Sprite" from Time Cycles Research (with its 3000 years of built-in ephemerides) has been a god-send.