Astrology of the World Trade Center Attack

It seems everyone is looking for some certainty and reassurance in the wake of the events of Sep 11, 2001, each in their own way. One of the ways I've done this for myself is to study the numerous astrology charts related to these events, looking for "clues" to the mysteries. While I can't say I've found the certainty I was searching for, the astrology of the World Trade Center attacks is certainly fascinating in light of the story that is unfolding before us. Consider this page a "preliminary report" on what I've found so far.

First of all, we'll look at the basic charts for when the hijacked planes hit the WTC and the Pentagon. Of course, these charts alone don't tell the entire story -- you need to look at a number of other charts for background and context. These include other recent transitting charts for this summer's eclipses and major aspects that set up the basic energetic pattern that is now blossoming before us. They also include charts for the USA, George W. Bush, the chart for his inauguration, the cities of New York and Washington, etc. that form a background pattern of sensitive degrees and energies that are being activated now.

Besides the basic astrology charts (which tell when the energy is active and how it is organized), I also looked at the Astro*Carto*Graphy and Local Space maps for these charts, which describe where in the world or from which direction these energies originate. Just as there are no "coincidences" in the timing of events, these maps show there are hidden connections in the "where" of these situations. For an excellent introduction to these techniques, see the book "Astrolocality Astrology" by Martin Davis.

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Source Information on the Chart Data

The times used for the basic charts were reported by CBS news. Although several times for these events were reported as the day went on, the errors should be small, no more than a few minutes either way. The background charts were gathered from numerous books and magazines over the years -- I can't vouch for the accuracy in all cases.

FIrst Plane Hits the WTC

Pay attention to the planets at or near 14 degrees of any zodiac sign. Mercury on the ascendent and Saturn closely trine the ascendent jump out immediately. I would consider these planets to be the main "triggers" for this chart. Mercury rising in Libra may describe the cooperation and communication needed to pull off this amazing attack. As we will see, the ascendent 14Li45 is closely conjunct the USA Saturn at 14Li48, a symbol of national karma coming due in a particularly harsh way. Other planets in this group include Jupiter at 11Cn36 (approaching the USA Sun) and Pluto at 12Sa38, just past its direct station of Aug 23. The Moon (28Gm06, void of course all morning) is opposite Chiron (23Sa03) and the war god Mars (1Cp27). More subtly, the midpoint between Uranus (chaos, sudden upheavals, revolution, unexpected surprises) and Pluto (the unknown, hidden secrets, subversive activities, shadow elements) at 17Cn/Cp14 lines up closely with the midheaven, another timing contact.

Keep in mind that Saturn reaches its retrograde station on Sep 26, at 14Gm58, locking in its powerful karmic influences for months to come.

The Pentagon is Hit

About an hour later, another plane crashed into the Pentagon in Washington, DC. None of the planets, even the Moon, has had much of a chance to move, but the houses of this chart are somewhat different. This tends to emphasize different planets than the WTC chart. The asteroid Juno is on the midheaven (perhaps a symbol of rage and anger based on perceived "wrongs" from one group of people to another). The 4th house cusp (27Cp17) is very close to the USA Pluto (27Cp34), again a sign of subversive actions.

Recent Triggering Transits

The most obvious recent transit affecting these events is the Saturn-Pluto opposition of Aug 5 -- forces behind the scenes bumping up against the status quo, causing structures to crumble. In fact, the entire Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto grouping is very active on Sep 11. However, one aspect is not enough to "cause" a situation of this magnitude.

The eclipses this summer seem to have a crucial role in setting us up for a national crisis. The solar eclipse of Jun 21 at 0Cn10, just hours after the solstice, has many connections to the USA chart and other "background" charts that I've looked at. Solstice charts are often used by astrologers to forecast world events for the coming 3 months, so it shouldn't be surprising that these connections came due before the equinox. Saturn (7Gm48) is closing in on the USA Uranus, good for some earthshaking news. Mars (20Sa15) is opposite Mercury and the USA Mars (making the military option seem reasonable). Pluto affects the USA Sun, while Neptune (confusion, muddled thinking) is crisscrossing the USA South Node (an indicator of our national karma) and Bush's natal descendent. Venus and Vesta are on the ascendent of the Bush inauguration chart. And most intriguing, the 4th cusp of the eclipse is 13Li14, near the USA Saturn and the ascendent of the WTC impact, while the eclipse descendent (foreign enemies) is 27Cp45, the same degree as the USA Pluto and the Pentagon chart 4th cusp. It's as though this eclipse chart "knew" when the planes would crash. Note also that the WTC Mars (1Cp27) is just past an opposition to this eclipse degree, a common triggering aspect for an eclipse.

The lunar eclipse of July 5 is even more dramatic. The eclipse point, 13Cp38, is directly opposite the USA Sun and Bush's natal Sun (13Cn47). You don't need to go any further than that to predict the country and the president are in for a rough year. The Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto connections found at the solar eclipse are still active. More ominously, Mars and Pluto are closely conjunct the 4th cusp as seen from Washington, a warning of danger if ever there was one. The North Node is crossing the USA Jupiter, perhaps a hint that our financial and governmental institutions may be affected. I discussed this eclipse in general terms last July. In hindsight, I think I underestimated the peril considerably.

I'm inclined to believe the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of May 28, 2000 at 22Ta43 is also involved. These conjunctions occur at 20 year intervals and form the basis for the "20 year Presidential Curse" where presidents die in office. George Bush is under this influence and it was rumored he was a target of the attacks. More intriguing, Jupiter and Saturn both rule major social, governmental and financial institutions, and it was about the time of this conjunction that the economy headed south. The midheaven of this chart is 21Ta34, about a degree off the conjunction, so you'd expect it to affect the nation powerfully. Also, the South Node of this chart is 27Cp12 -- our Pluto again.

Oh, remember the solar eclipse of 1999-8-11 that caused such an uproar at the time? That eclipse point (18Le21) is activated by Venus in the WTC chart, closeby at 18Le24.

The USA Chart

This chart is a bit of a misnomer -- there is no one chart for the nation that all astrologers can agree on. I'm using a version that was popularized by the magazine "Welcome to Planet Earth", but a version with 7 degrees of Gemini rising is also common. However, except for the Moon's position, all these charts for July 4, 1776 have the planets in pretty much the same zodiacal positions, so we won't quibble too much. Plus, with 7 Gemini and 7 Sag opposite each other, these two charts are basically mirror images of each other.

The connections of this chart to the basic charts are unmistakeable. First of all, there's Saturn right on the WTC ascendent and trine the WTC Saturn (the aspect was exact 9-13). As we've noted, the Pluto degree of 27Cp34 shows up in numerous charts. Also noteworthy, the Aug 23rd Pluto direct station at 12Sa32 is almost exactly 45 degrees away from the USA Pluto -- octiles are a stressful, crisis-prone aspect, putting the nation on a dangerous footing this fall. Neptune is currently criss-crossing the USA South Node, promoting an element of deluded, idealistic thinking. The North Node recently passed over the USA Venus, an indication of disturbances in the financial arena. Jupiter is approaching the USA Sun later this month, a protective influence when we need it most -- that may soften the effect of the July 5 lunar eclipse on our Sun.

George W. Bush

If any one person can be said to be affected by this attack more than anybody else (other than the dead), it has to be the President. Not only is this the biggest crisis so far in his young administration, but it was reported that Air Force 1 was also a target on the 11th. You don't have to look far to start seeing his astrological connections to the basic charts.

Most obvious is his Sun at 13Cn47, conjunct the USA Sun and clobbered by the July 5 lunar eclipse. He has a potent Libra stellium (Chiron, Moon, Juno, Jupiter) at 15 to18 degrees, near the WTC ascendent and the USA Saturn. His ascendent axis lines up with the USA nodes closely, making his 7th house of open enemies powerfully influenced by the misguided, "fuzzy thinking" of Neptune, especially where oil interests are involved. His Saturn is right on the midheaven of the chart for when the plane sliced into the Pentagon, just across the Potomac from the White House. His Mars squares the USA Uranus, a rather disruptive influence. And his Mercury-Pluto conjunction on his ascendent makes for a determined, even ruthless way of thinking -- this could be either an asset or a dangerous liability in a year when Neptune opposes this position.

Bush Inauguration Chart

I've discussed the chart for Bush's inauguration earlier -- I believe we're starting to see some of the potentials of this chart start to manifest.

First of all, notice the points at or near 14 degrees. It includes the ascendent and the moon's nodes, with the North Node on the Sun of the USA chart, Bush's nativity, and the lunar eclipse. Pluto is at 14Sa24. Mars sits just above the 7th house cusp of open enemies -- this position has always struck me as a war just waiting to happen, no matter how diplomatically I try to describe it. The midheaven is 26Cp42, near the USA Pluto again (though to be fair, the midheaven and ascendent are always near these degrees by law). Mercury, Mars, Uranus, the Moon, Juno and Venus all lie in the 16 to 19 degree region -- impacting Bush's Libra stellium and his Moon/North Node, not to mention the USA Mars.

This is a very lopsided chart, with nearly all the planets above the horizon. This doesn't make for a very balanced approach in handling problems. It's interesting how the rhetoric coming from the administration is very black-white, good-evil, with not a hint of soul searching as to whether we're somehow partially responsible for the way other countries look at us. Given that our adversaries are also stuck in this kind of thinking, there's no room for negotiation or compromise on either side. We are each a great evil for the other, the shadows for each other's righteousness. A struggle to the death is the only option left right now.

New York City

I want to briefly mention the charts for the two cities that were struck, if only to show how they reinforce some of these same sensitive degrees and trigger points. In the chart for when NYC became a single entity, Pluto was at 13Gm14, conjunct the WTC Saturn. Neptune conjuncts the USA Mars. The Sun on the midheaven is closely opposite the WTC Jupiter, hinting at the damage to the financial districts while helping to protect the city at large. The NYC North Node is 27Cp47 -- the old USA Pluto point that keeps popping up in all these charts. NYC has an interesting Mars-Venus conjunction on the border between Sagittarius and Capricorn, directly opposite the solar eclipse this summer. Transitting Mars passed over this spot on Sep 7-9, just days before the attack. Saturn is on the USA ascendent,opposite the USA Uranus, aspecting the USA nodes.

Washington DC

I received the data for this chart from a friend who saw it in a book, so I'm not really certain what the timing refers to. However, a few details from this nativity for the nation's capitol are intriguing. First, the ascendent (however they decided on this time) coincides with the USA South Node and transitting Neptune. Pluto is at 21Aq10 -- Uranus will be retrograding over this position in early October before coming to its direct station later in the month. The DC Moon is also at 21 degrees, being exactly aspected by Uranus around Sep 8. The North Node is 23Li25, nearly the ascendent of the Pentagon chart. A tight conjunction of Mars, Pallas and Sun (23-24 Pisces) reinforces this same degree and makes DC an ideal military center. Neptune tightly squares the USA Pluto. And the DC Uranus is almost exactly on top of Bush's Pluto -- moving to the White House may make his thinking more erratic. There are several other interesting connections going on, but you should get the idea by now.

Astro*Carto*Graphy and Local Space Maps

A story of this magnitude is not confined to one place. It literally has sub-plots scattered around the entire globe. And while it's fascinating to see how all these charts, spread out over 225 years, somehow paint a consistent picture of sensitive spots depicting a pattern of conflict and intrigue, there's even more surprises when we ask "where in the world?" these influences occur.

Astro*Carto*Graphy (ACG) is a clever technique invented by the late Jim Lewis for mapping where on the earth's surface the planets are rising, setting and crossing the midheaven plane. In his research, the "lines" represent power zones where these planetary energies are focused. Local Space (LS) maps essentially drop the planets from the sky onto the observer's horizon, indicating directions where the planetary energies come from; these "energy lines" extend around the entire globe. Actually, since the earth is round, all these "lines" are really circles that connect locations on the globe that resonate to a common vibration.

The Bush administration's investigation of the attacks has fixated (rightly or wrongly) on Osama Bin Laden and his terrorist organization. He is reputedly staying as a "guest" of the Taliban government of Afghanistan, making that country a military target. There are also noises about other "rogue states" and leaders, especially Saddam Hussein, the man the Bush family loves to hate. The news stories after the attack also centered on several cities in the US and abroad. How do all these locations fit together?

Maps Related to the WTC Chart

The ACG map for the WTC chart has a cluster of lines that go through Pakistan and Afghanistan: Pluto-MH, Pallas-MH, Vesta-IC, Saturn-IC. In fact, the Pluto line makes a dead-on hit on Kabul, the Afghani capitol! Relocating the WTC chart to Kabul brings this menacing foursome to the midheaven axis, a hint that this crisis may be just as damaging in the long run to the Afghanis as it was for the Americans.

The Local Space charts, as they often do, has some surprises and some mysteries. The strongest lines are created by the Moon opposite Mars and Chiron. These three planets effectively merge into a single line of influence. The Mars end of the line points towards Boston, where the planes that destroyed the towers took off -- this is where the destruction (Mars) came from for New York. The cities of Baghdad and London (the Brits spoke up for us strongly right away) are also on this line. Going in the other direction, towards the Moon, is Washington DC, the next target. Cities that Bush flew to during the day also appear in this chart -- the air base near Shreveport is on a Saturn-Vesta line, while Omaha is on a Mercury line.

Kabul is strangely quiet in the LS map -- there are no planetary lines in that direction, except for a Ceres (nurturance and caring?) line 5 degrees west of the city. However, the circle from Kabul to New York continues on very exactly through Sarasota, FL, where Bush was visiting a school as the planes crashed. It's almost like his presence was needed on this line of influence before the events could unfold. Remember also that Venice, FL, where some of the terrorists took flight training, is less than 25 miles south of Sarasota. It's ironic how Bush somehow homed in on this part of the country.

Maps for the Pentagon Chart

In the Pentagon chart, the Pluto-Pallas-Saturn-Vesta lines in the ACG map have moved westward into Iran. A Chiron-MH line runs west of Kabul. The LS map is even stronger, with a 5 planet line (Pluto, Ceres, Mars, Chiron, Moon) that points to Shreveport and the Bush ranch in Crawford, TX. Multi-planet lineups like this create a great deal of tension at that location.

Maps for George Bush

The president has a number of ACG lines that go through the Mideast: Mercury-MH and Pluto-MH go through Saudi Arabia and Palestine, Venus-MH hits Iraq, Mars-MH goes through Afghanistan. His Juno-IC travels up the east coast through DC, while Ceres-Dsc and Pluto-Asc bracket New York. He has a large number of LS lines that cross the Mideast: Mercury, Pluto, Venus and Mars. The Mars line, in particular, is intriguing -- it cuts Iraq in half. This is the second Bush in a row that's hooked on Saddam.

Maps for the Inauguration Chart

There are at least 10 ACG lines running through the Mideast, including a double line for Chiron and Ceres on the IC that hits Kabul. The Mars-Dsc line (where the war hits) crosses the east coast in New Jersey, between DC and NYC. There are also 6 LS lines slicing the Mideast. The Pluto line points along the New York, Boston, London, Baghdad corridor.

Another New York-Kabul Connection

The Saturn-IC line for when New York became a city also passes through Kabul quite precisely.


Perhaps it's too early to draw too many interpretations from all this data, as the story is just beginning. However, the consistent pattern involving difficult planets like Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto paints a worrisome picture. In cosmic terms, this is far from being a "random incident". I fear the energies unleashed on Sep 11 will play out for many years to come and many people will suffer in the process. Let's pray for a better outcome...