Natal A5 Spectrum

For every astrology chart, there's a corresponding planetary waveform that describes its inner workings. That includes your own natal birthchart. The Natal A5 Spectrum graph for your birthchart contains valuable clues as to how your chart is organized, which planets are working together, and how large groups of planets can combine to create the major themes and life-stories that dominate your life. In addition, by tracing how the transiting planets move across this graph over time, noting when these planets cross the important peaks in your waveform, you can determine quite accurately when these vital influences will be affecting you.

The print-out of your Natal A5 Spectrum looks roughly like this, only twice as big. Actual size is 11 by 8.5 inches (28 by 21.5 cm.), printed in black-and-white by a laser printer on plain white paper. A list of all the planets and their strengths on the waveform are included.

These waveform graphs are valuable for beginners to astrology, who are often baffled by the complexities of a birthchart. It helps you make sense of the details and confusion of a chart in an intuitive, visually appealing fashion. Useful for the professional astrologer as well, giving an instinctive picture of "how this chart works" at a glance. I've used the A5 Spectrum technique since 1977 -- and it's still my most valuable astrological tool, second only to the birthchart itself.

Information for obtaining your Natal A5 Spectrum is on the order form page which you can print out on your printer and mail in.