Astrology of the Afghan Bombing Campaign

This is a follow-up to my previous page on the bombings of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon of 2001-9-11. On Oct 7, the United States and its allies began a double campaign of bombing Taliban and al Qaida positions in parallel with relief efforts to the Afghan refugees. In a press conference from the Pentagon, it was mentioned that the first bombs hit "around 12:30" EDT, so I set up my charts for that time. These new charts fit in very powerfully with the previous charts, hitting all the same sensitive points I identified earlier.

The View from Washington, DC

Several things stand out right away in this chart. Most importantly, there's the pair of Pluto (covert, shadowy actions) and Pallas (strategic planning) just above the ascendent, opposite Vesta (security issues), the Moon (always a critical timing consideration) and Saturn (results of past actions) just below the descendent (open enemies). Since Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are the key planets setting up the energies these days, it's not surprising to see them straddling the horizon like this. Obviously, the orders to fire came considerably before this (perhaps even days before), but it's very ominous that the bombers and cruise missiles were in the air as this 5 planet opposition was rising.

The other crucial pattern in this chart is a T-Square of Jupiter opposite Ceres and Mars, squared off by the Sun. The Sun is at 14Li28, a degree that figures prominently in all the charts related to the WTC attack. This is the same degree as Mercury (14Li17) and the ascendent (14Li45) of the chart for when the WTC was first hit, not to mention the USA Saturn (14Li48). While I doubt the Pentagon consults astrologers in its battle planning (weirder things have happened, however), it's uncanny how the US response retriggers this same degree. Jupiter is just past the USA Sun, Bush's Sun, and the solar position of the July 5 lunar eclipse. Mars passed over the lunar eclipse point at the full moon of Oct 2 (triggering the eclipse energies into action). The odd conjunction of Mars (war) and Ceres (mothering, nurturance, cereal grains) seems an apt description of the dual strategy of "bombs and bread" that we're using in Afghanistan. Curiously, this Mars-Ceres-Jupiter point went straight overhead in Afghanistan at the time of the full moon, practically pin-pointing where this strategy would play out.

As a last grace note, Mercury has now retrograded back to 27Li31, closely squaring the USA Pluto at 27Cp34, another sensitive degree that keeps showing up.

The waveform for this chart is a powerful Koz Alert, indicating numerous planetary energies combining together. The tallest peak -- surprise -- is 14Li14. The strongest influences in this waveform are the big opposition and the T-square planets.

The Same Chart as seen from Kabul

If you relocate this chart to Kabul, a strange coincidence jumps out. The same 5 planet opposition is stretched across the horizon again, only with the Saturn end rising. It's as though this opposition is describing an intense karmic connection between the capitols of these two warring nations. The ascendent of the Kabul chart, 20Gm58, is also familiar as the USA Mars (21Gm22). I'm sure the Afghanis have experienced enough of our Mars the last week. Venus also closely squares the ascendent (see below).

I must admit I was baffled by the Pentagon's timing for this operation. Normally, air strikes are initiated near the time of the new moon, in order to take advantage of the cover of darkness. Not only is the Moon still rather full in this chart, but it's actually rising. I suspect the triggering aspects of the Sun (square Jupiter and Mars, trine Saturn, the 14 Libra connection) and Moon (between Vesta and Saturn, opposite Pluto and Pallas) somehow overrode conventional military planning.

Astro*Carto*Graphy and Local Space Considerations

Between the full moon chart and the chart for the bombing campaign, there are several notable clues worth mentioning. As noted earlier, at the full moon, the midheaven lines for Mars and Ceres and the IC line of Jupiter passed through western Afghanistan. Mercury (an air war?), just past its retrograde station, is setting there. Curiously, the midheaven for the full moon in Kabul is 16Cp22, a position that Mars passed over on Oct 6.

Of course, that 5 planet opposition that's rising showers the war zone with rising and setting lines. The Oct 7 charts also have an intriguing connection in Local Space terms. Whether viewed from DC or Kabul, there's a Venus line that runs from Kabul down the east coast of the US, running through New York City, DC and (you guessed it) Florida. Just 30 miles up the western coast of Florida from Sarasota (where Bush first heard of the WTC attack) and Venice (where some of the bombers took flight training) lies Tampa, which is right on this fated circle of influence so closely it squeaks. The air campaign is being directed from an Air Force base just outside of Tampa. We're so used to thinking of Venus as a peace-loving planet that we forget her shadow side of war and destruction, which many cultures remember in their myths. In fact, the ancient Mayans used Venus to time their battles (the Yucatan is coincidentally near this Venus line) -- I guess the Pentagon is keeping that tradition alive.