Background Info on the A5 Spectrum and Planetary Waveforms

The A5 Spectrum is a new astrological technique that I've been experimenting with since Oct 1977. It takes a standard horoscope chart (the 12 spoked mandalas with funny symbols in them) and converts it to a wavy looking curve on a graph called a "planetary waveform" (or just plain "waveform"). For instance, the powerful full moon of Nov 24, 1996 is transformed by this technique into the striking waveform at the left. These waveforms show how the 10 major planets are distributing their influences around the zodiac, based on the aspects they make. It turns out these waveforms "encode" a great deal of information about the chart in their shapes and sizes which is easy to "decode" with a little practice. In particular, the tall peaks in the waveforms point out the most important planets in the chart and the main patterns (or complexes) they form with uncanny ease. This technique has become one of my most useful astrological tools.

The following pages are an overview of the A5 Spectrum technique for the curious. With a little practice, these graphs are very easy to interpret for yourself.

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