Moving and Renovation Plans for the BPI Web Site

Latest News (2009-8-22) on the move. Please start using our new URL .


Over the next few months, there will be some changes to this web site for BPI. The big news is that we will be moving to a new URL, since we recently got our own domain name. You will be able to reach the new site at:

Yeah, I know it's not the prettiest domain name, but unfortunately, my first two choices were already taken. For now, it's still pretty sparse and a lot of pages have yet to be uploaded, but I expect the major areas to fall into shape fairly quickly. I will let you know on this page when the new site is "ready for prime time". Eventually, this old site will go away, so update your bookmarks at some point.

While I'm in the process of moving things around, I'll be performing some light housecleaning here and there. After 13 years, there are plenty of cobwebs floating around.

Anyway, stay tuned for the changes and hope to see you at the new URL.


The moving of the old site to its new location is going quicker than I expected. With a few exceptions, the new site is largely usable and ready to go. The biggest exceptions are some of the big areas, namely the Current Transits and Energy Patterns in the Astrology section, and the articles in the Flower Essence section. For the time being, clicking on these links will transfer you back to the old site, which is still running in parallel to the new one. As these areas get updated finally, you'll stay in the new site.

The other exception is a handful of pages on HCW remedies in the Flower Essence section. These pages need more renovation than I expected, but it shouldn't be too long.

You might want to start checking out the new address sometime. Let me know if you encounter any problems I don't know about.


The Current Transits section of the Astrology area is available in the new site finally. The only links that will be problems there are links to the Energy Patterns pages, which shouldn't be a problem unless you're looking at really old pages. For most purposes, the Astrology area is ready to go, so please start using the new site.


The entire Flower Essence and Vibrational Remedies area of the new web site is now complete and ready to use. I'll be adding some new material to this new area in the future, but I have no plans to make the same updates in the old site. You can start updating your bookmarks.

The only area of the new site that is still under construction is the Energy Patterns part of the Astrology area. Everything else in the Astrology area is in working condition. If you have no need for the Energy Patterns pages, the Astrology area is also in usable shape.


I'm starting to move the Energy Patterns pages from the old site to the new one. I will no longer be adding new material to the Astrology area of the old site. So unless you really need to refer to the Energy Patterns for some reason, I'd advise you to move permanently to the new site -- it's essentially ready to go.


All the contents of the old BPI web site are now at our web site. All new material and improvements will be to the new site only from here on. Eventually, the old site will disappear to save memory space on my server. Update your bookmarks!