Glossary of Miscellaneous Terms and Concepts (cntd.)

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Highlighted Term :
A word or phrase of text that is underlined, in a different color, and serves as a hyperlink to some other text. E.g., highlighted term.
Horizon :
The horizontal plane passing through an observer and experienced as the circle where the sky meets the ground. Geometrically, it's the "tangent plane" to the Earth's surface at the position where the observer is located. One of the fundamental planes defining local space, along with the meridian and the Prime Vertical. See also House.


Imum Coeli (or IC) :
The point of the zodiac where the ecliptic intersects the lower part of the meridian, a vertical plane that passes directly north and south. Generally the same as the cusp of the 4th house. See also House.
Inner Planets :
The faster moving planets that are in the inner part of the solar system. Includes the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars; usually the Moon is thrown in as well. These planets generally indicate parts of the personality that are well-known to the ego and relate to everyday behavior patterns. Also known as personal planets.
International Astronomical Union (or IAU) :
The world-wide society of astronomers that is considered the governing body of all technical issues in astronomy. They provide lots of useful services to astrologers, including the creation of ephemerides. Unfortunately, they tend to take this governing business too seriously and stick their noses in other people's business. Just ask Pluto...


Kite :
A pattern of 4 planets, 3 in a Grand Trine pattern, and the 4th directly opposite one of the other 3. A very dynamic and positive complex.
Koz Alert :
A very energetic, hold onto your hat kind of time when the A5 Spectrum waveform has a strength of 500 to 600 units. See also Strength.
Koz Quake :
A super high energy, knock your socks off, the roller coaster jumped the tracks kind of time (fortunately, very rare) when the A5 Spectrum waveform exceeds 600 units. See also Strength.
Koz Warning :
A time of moderate, easily utilized planetary energy when the A5 Spectrum waveform has a strength of 400 to 500 units. See also Strength.


Local Space :
The name for all the concepts related to how the sky appears to an observer on the Earth's surface. Observations are described in terms of the observer's local gravity (which defines up and down), compass directions (north, south, east, west), and 3 fundament planes (Horizon, Meridian, and Prime Vertical). Astrologically, local space ideas are used to describe how planets affect the mundane affairs of everyday living for a person. See also House.
Logjam :
My term for a period of time when there are a large number of planets at or near their stations. With so many planets standing still, there is a marked lack of progress in current situations, since there are few aspects happening to create change. These times can last quite a long time, until the planets start to move once more.
Lunar Eclipse :
When the Moon passes through the Earth's shadow and seems to disappear. An omen of deep transformation, often lasting 6 to 12 months. See also eclipse.
Lunar Node :
The points on the zodiac where the plane of the moon's orbit intersects the plane of the ecliptic (the Earth's orbit). These points are called the north node and the south node. They are generally considered to describe a person's karmic patterns and goals. They also mark the parts of the zodiac where eclipses can currently happen.


Malefic :
A planet that operates in a difficult, unpleasant manner, often producing negative or unwanted results after much effort.
Meridian :
The vertical plane over an observer that passes directly north-south and straight overhead. One of the 3 fundamental planes defining local space, along with the horizon and the Prime Vertical. See also House.
Midheaven (or MH) :
The point of the zodiac where the ecliptic intersects the upper part of the meridian, a vertical plane that passes directly north and south. Generally the same as the cusp of the 10th house. See also House.
Modality :
The 3 modalities are different styles or manners of expression of the 4 elemental energies. These modalities go by the names cardinal, fixed and mutable.
Mutable :
One of the modalities for expressing elemental energies. The mutable expression involves expanding in all directions at once, changing or transforming the original energy in new ways. It suggests traits of flexibility, changeableness and adaptability, often promoting a change in conscious awareness. The mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.
Mutual Reception :
An aspect-like connection between two planets where each planet is in a zodiac sign ruled by the other planet. In effect, the planets wind up "ruling over" each other. The nature of a mutual reception is similar, more or less, to a conjunction between the planets.
Mystic Rectangle :
A pattern of 4 or more planets in the shape of a rectangle where planets are connected by sextiles, trines and opposition aspects. Considered helpful, although the oppositions add some "grit" to toughen up the experience.


North Node :
The lunar node where the moon's orbit passes from south of the ecliptic to north. Also called "Caput Draconis" (Latin for "head of the dragon"). Indicates your karmic potentials and lessons in this life.


Orb :
The number of degrees an aspect can be off and still be active. Orbs vary from one aspect to another, from 9 degrees for strong aspects like a conjunction to just a few degrees for weaker aspects.
Outer Planets :
The planets farthest out in the solar system. These move the slowest around the zodiac and have the deepest effects on our lives, mostly at an unconscious level. Includes Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto; Saturn and Chiron are often added to the list.

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